1 Peter 3:7

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. There are some words of God that require more faith than others! Do we believe all of them, or just the ones we’re comfortable with?

“Giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel” is a phrase of God’s word that causes many a person to confront whether they have faith or not.

Let’s define some terms:

Honour: to value, put a precious price on
Weaker: without strength, feeble
Vessel: an implement, equipment or apparatus

The gist is: treat as an expensive yet strengthless tool.

Modern culture views this thinking as wrong, yet the Bible says husbands are to act with this knowledge and if they don’t their prayers won’t be heard by God.

I had a snowblower once that I affectionately referred to as “The Snow Whisperer.” It had no strong desire to move snow to my constant annoyance. I did not treat this strengthless tool with honor.

No, I believe I threw it a couple of times. Men have an inherent difficulty loving tools that are too weak to be effective, which is why my new snowblower was the absolute biggest I could afford. It’s called “overkill.”

Knowing this is true, the Bible also says, “Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them.” Don’t let their weakness make you despise and resent, but rather let it foster honor.

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  1. The flip side of this is that the wife must acknowledge, according to God’s judgment, that she is actually the “weaker vessel”.

    I’ve met many modern women who think they are in most respects stronger, wiser, and better vessels than their husbands. And woe be him if he refuses to relent on an issue that she feels strongly about.

    The whole situation is so turned upside down, and even supported this way in many of our churches, that a man who stands his ground because of principle, will be condemned as a hard-hearted man who does not love his wife (after she reports his actions in the worst possible light to her fellow church members, behind his back).

    I do believe there are godly women still, but like godly men, they are few and far between, and often misunderstood.

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