Football, Jesus and Tim Tebow

I’ve never liked Tim Tebow. Mainly because he played for the Florida Gators and I have a rule in my sports rooting: never root for teams from Florida or California. It’s my own thing, not worth starting a new church over.

All I knew about Tebow is that he made Florida win all the time and he had verses written on his eye-black. I don’t like eye-black either.

Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos and has been sitting ever since. Now that the Broncos are 1-4 and going nowhere quickly, they’ve decided to start Tebow on Sunday.

This has caused much discussion as there are plenty of reasons why Tebow is hated, mostly because he’s a squeaky clean, professing follower of Jesus Christ. You may remember him getting busted for his pro-life commercial during last year’s Super Bowl, won by the Green Bay Packers, incidentally. Woot.

Best summation I saw about modern sport’s culture was “it’s easier to embrace a me-first NBA player who calls himself “King James” than to accept the humble NFL-er who quotes King James.”

I’ve had reservations about Tebow, most loud mouth Christian types are idiots waiting to happen and the Gospel is trampled underfoot. Tebow might be different, I hope he is.

Sunday I will be interested to see how he does and what happens with him in the NFL. I hope he does well, but more I hope he doesn’t give Christianity a black eye as the world is breathlessly hoping.

Either way, God reigns, Jesus saves and the Packers will repeat.

Denver 24
Miami 17

Green Bay 70
Minnesota 3

4 thoughts on “Football, Jesus and Tim Tebow”

  1. If I remember correctly his parents are missionaries not that would make a big difference, but I would assume they are true disciples of Christ and not fair weather “Christians”. Each person must come to Christ on their own, but Tebow seems to have been brought up in a true Christian household, again not that it assures he has saving faith.

    Tebow seems fairly humble and sincere, I pray that in either winning or losing he brings glory to his Savior.

    Jeff your Packers look pretty unbeatable right now, but if I remember correctly, your star quarterback is from California.

  2. Yes, but as soon as he was able, he left to live in God’s Country and has since completely redeemed himself.

  3. No, there’ll be none of that now. My predictions are merely for informational and entertainment purposes

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