Christians and Words

On my more cynical days, I would define a “Christian” like this:

“A Christian is one who is waiting to have a problem with you, and when getting their long-awaited problem with you, it is probably over your use of a word that they’ve determined you can’t use the way you did.”

There are days I loathe communicating further with anyone who calls themselves a Christian. I am going to say “grace,” “works,” “repent,” “faith,” “confess,” or pretty much any other word in a way that defies regulations.

My use of such a word at such a wrong time obviously shows my complete lack of spiritual maturity, sensitivity, biblical literacy, ignorance of Church History, and I’m probably a half step from hell.

If I decide to explain myself, 95% of the time the person with the “problem” with me comes to see that we believe the same thing, they just defined my words differently from my intended definition.

Going through this so many times should teach us to give each other a break, a benefit of the doubt. On the contrary, however, it merely heightens our awareness of our favorite words and how “vital it is that everyone define them my way.”

I don’t know who is a half step from hell, what I do know is that what we say does not define who gets there.

It’s about time we all just shut up, quit picking fights with each other over definitions, and get busy doing the will of God.

And no, my use of the term “get busy” was not meant to foster any fights with puritanical sexual sensitivities.

4 thoughts on “Christians and Words”

  1. Well God did tell us to multiply and fill the earth, perhaps a good verse we could share with our wife, being God’s will and all.

  2. I believe we are all guilty of wanting it our way and that in itself is sinful. What our desires should be is to seek the truth through the Word of God. There is only one truth out there and that is what we are to be searching for. It is not wrong to discuss thing of the Bible but it is to be done in a loving matter and that is where man usually lets their pride take over. When we don’t see eye to eye on a biblical subject we should take about it. That is how we grow in faith and knowledge of God’s Word.
    We all learn more, whether we like it or not, through deep discussions. So many church’s today don’t want deep discussions. They just want to have a “safe” church service and send the people home happy. When you start asking the people what they believe and why, they can’t tell you, they don’t know. Ask people to tell you the gospel at church and most will not be able to do it.
    When no one discusses the things of God they start believing they have all the answers. We should never “nit pick” on scripture but we should not look the other way just for the sake of unity when there is something said contradictory to scripture.
    Many religions use the words faith, grace, works, Jesus, and so on but they do not mean the same thing as what we as Christians believe. We must discuss these things among ourselves so that when we do see false teaching creeping into the Church we will recognize it.
    The danger with blogs and post on the internet is that things come across the wrong way and that is where the problem comes from. If we are talking to one another in person we see the other persons body language and can communicate better with that individual. I will take about something a lot longer than I will type about it so I try to get to the point. When anyone puts out a blog they are opening themselves up to the world. Just as when we share our faith with this world we are putting ourselves on the front lines of the battlefield.
    We all try to get our points across but it just doesn’t come out right sometimes so let us all look at each situation and topis and pray for discernment. Just as we are not to take scripture out of context, let us not take a few words from one another out of context as well.
    Jeff, I could not end without telling you that I don’t think you have one foot in hell, because that is not biblical. We are either saved or we are not. We can’t ride the fence because the devil owns it. God Bless!! :-)

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