Fruit Making

Spiritual fruit is not something we hear much about. We hear about spiritual gifts quite regularly. Spiritual gifts make us feel important, especially since we pick the gifts we want to do and pretend that our desire to want to do them means we are gifted to do them, which is not always the case.

Spiritual fruit, on the other hand, is not easily faked. A guy can fake showing mercy or teaching or speaking in tongues, faking love, joy and peace is much harder and not nearly as much fun.

Spiritual fruit is not manufactured quickly. I do believe there is a process of growth necessary before fruit is produced, as nature clearly demonstrates. I see no reason to assume spiritual fruit is any different–it’s the same God that ordained them both.

In order to bring forth fruit one must pay attention to simpler things initially. It goes back to the foundation. We can’t bring forth fruit if we’re not in the vine.

We must take heed to the soil we are that the Gospel seed grows in. We must make sure our roots are digging into true spiritual nutrients.

In other words, if you want fruit, make sure you’re planted first. Once you’re planted, fruit producing is somewhat automatic, as long as you are willing to be pruned (tribulation), fertilized (taking crap), etc.

To get the right ending you must have the right beginning. Isaiah says what it looks like: “take root downward and bear fruit upward.” It’s really quite simple.

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  1. Jeff,
    I pray that God will produce much fruit through your ministry. May God be greatly glorified in all your work for His Kingdom. And may the Holy Spirit awaken and draw those whom are lost to your church, so that you may boast in what Christ has done in your midst.

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