Answered Prayer and Judgment

Most people consider having a prayer answered just the way they wanted as a blessing, a gift from God and a sure reason to praise Him.

Few consider that perhaps God giving you what you want was a judgment.

And he gave them their request;
but sent leanness into their soul.

The context is Israel in the wilderness whining and God providing, and yet judging them at the same time, ultimately wiping out an entire generation.

Did they get fed? Yup, did they provoke God to anger? Yup, did they die? Yup.

God is faithful to answer prayer that meets His parameters, but He may also answer other prayers, and He might answer them just the way you want.

This is chalked up as a sign of great spirituality, doubt we consider the flip side as much. Perhaps we should. But most of us don’t have to worry about it because God never does anything with our prayer anyway.

At least rebellious Israel prayed.

One thought on “Answered Prayer and Judgment”

  1. Not all answered prayers are advantage on our part, there are prayers that have been answered that it is not good in our eyes and for us its disadvantage to us, and why God let this to happen?since He wants the best for us, and let us realize that God is the only who knows everything for us.

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