5 Ways NFL Cheerleaders Prove the Bible Right.

The other day I was watching football with my boy when they showed some cheerleaders doing their thang. My son said, “I don’t really get cheerleaders.”

Indeed. What they do matters little to the outcome of any game and they merely serve as eye-candy, which eventually makes you sick.

Although much NFL cheerleaderdom is pornographic and sinful in nature, I do believe they show the veracity of God’s Word about women. Here are five ways cheerleaders prove the Bible right.

1. They are a living demonstration of the female’s God-ordained role as being
encouragers of men, which I’m amazed any woman still buys into. Yet few men got anywhere without feminine encouragement.

2. There is virtue in quiet, peaceful women. Cheerleaders are great when you don’t have to listen to them. There is nothing more annoying than sitting in front of loud screaming women. I have often said that feminine exuberance is one of the most trying things in the world.

3. Beauty without discretion is painful. Sure they look nice, but God help me if I
have to listen to any of them pontificate on any remotely intellectual subject.

4. The mere appearance of an attractive woman immediately makes men braver or dumber. Feminine beauty is either incredibly edifying or terribly destructive.

5. My one, godly wife is better than all cheerleader babes combined and, in fact, I get quite tired of women constantly feeling a need to shake their goods in front of my son and I. What they do is blasphemy; what my wife does glorifies God’s Word.

6 thoughts on “5 Ways NFL Cheerleaders Prove the Bible Right.”

  1. Jeff,
    I think you have a typo on item 5 it should read I “wouldn’t” trade, I know your wife doesn’t read this blog but it might get back to her.

  2. Hmm, I guess you’re right! I changed it. I think I was saying that trading all the cheerleaders for my wife is a trade I would make, but I would not trade my wife for the whole lot of cheerleaders. The point is that my wife is better than cheerleaders, so however that should be stated is what I meant to state! Because now it says I wouldn’t trade all cheerleaders for my wife. Wow, I’m confused. I’m gonna reword the whole point!

  3. Just one more reason I do not follow sports or have a television in my home. Not much edification for the spiritual man In either thing… Please don’t even get me started on “religious” TV!


  4. Ok now I see your point that you were making. It is probably better to leave the word “trade” out of any conversation when it comes to our wives, we might be left with nothing to “trade”, if you catch my drift!

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