How do You Know If You Have the Holy Spirit?

Here’s how the Bible says you can know you have the Holy Spirit:

–The Bible increasingly makes sense to you
–You have an insatiable desire for more of God and His Word
–There is an inner witness with your spirit and God’s Spirit that you are a child of God
–You have a relationship with God as Him being your Abba, Father
–You are led in ways of righteousness and God, which means
–You are increasingly seeing victory over sin even to the point of saying you’ve killed it off.
–You have spiritual gifts and you use them
–Your life is producing fruit of the Spirit

Here’s how most people say you can know you have the Holy Spirit

–You get tingly sensations during certain worship songs
–Your body has convulsions, maybe even hysterical laughter for no reason
–Because you think you have Him
–Because you did a momentary manifestation of Holy Spirit Power
–You had a knee problem healed once
–Your car/home/appliance/TV sold right away on Craig’s List
–Doors miraculously open when you want to do that thing you like doing
–You hang out with people who also claim to have the Holy Spirit and you all act and look the same

Remember who the Judge is in the end–not people but God Himself. Be sure you know you’ve been born again.

10 thoughts on “How do You Know If You Have the Holy Spirit?”

  1. Jeff
    You forgot this one that people say.
    -Because when I said that little prayer at camp 20 years ago and got saved the pastor told me I got The holy Spirit then. Once saved always saved !

  2. Sometimes I just have trouble reconciling the Biblical version of “having the Holy Spirit” with reality. What about Christians who wax and wane in their faith? A Calvinist might say that a man who claims to be a Christian who derails into faithlessness was never a Christian to begin with, but what about the man who goes back and forth from faithlessness to faithfulness all throughout his life?

  3. Josh
    I think the guy who goes back and forth does not understand Faith. He thinks it something to hard to have. But in reality its a simple turning to Christ in Faith. This simple turning can be done in a infinite number of ways. From a small desire of a Godly virtue to a larger Want of deliverance from self. Also many wane from God when they fall into the old nature, big time. But a simple knowledge of turning To Christ at that point is but a easy thing. People think if you come to God at a time like that He’s gonna strike you down or worse. But that is exactly the time he wants it most and cam help most, it not hard at all once you try it. Oh and that Calvinist thing, I call that sour grapes !

  4. Jeff
    OK. I admit it . I like this subject. I have added to the peoples list. Now I will ad to the Bibles list. How about these verses.
    LUKE 11:10 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.
    LUKE 11:11 If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if [he ask] a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?
    LUKE 11:12 Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion?
    LUKE 11:13 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall [your] heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?
    Now, you may not think this will work (this asking for the Holy Spirit) and if you don’t, you just might as well not be Christian. Personally I think there is no better verse in the Bible that says we can ask and will receive the Holy Spirit. Then after that you should, No you Recon it to be true. Also like all Faith issues you can ask often, as in, get new Manna daily or take up your cross daily. Its all about the Faith. He says ask,seek,knock,come,pray, to me. The bible is one big Faith story from beginning to the end. Why is that ?

  5. If one repents and puts his his trust and faith in Christ alone he will be save, but saying these words alone does not make him saved unless his faith is true. saying the correct words does not save you, God does.If you are truly born again your life will change, you will not stay in your sin. You will hunger for God’s Word, You will see see sin for what it is and despise it, read 1 John if you don’t believe me. But if all you did was say a prayer or one of the many things Jeff just said, like a pig you will return to your filth or like a dog you will return to your own vomit.
    When are hearts of stones are removed and replaced with a heart from God, it will never be stone again, but we must have the new heart. If someone can be saved and loose his salvation that is what we call “cheap grace” and that is not the grace that God gives, it is unbiblical.
    If a God saves a man they will ask and receive, they will receive bread or eggs when they ask for it, when they ask for the Holy Spirit they will receive it but a man that knows not God will not ask or care for these things.

  6. I probably should have worded that different. There are obviously no magic sayings. And its only real Faith that saves. What I am trying to say is many Christians never even think about the Holy Spirit. But the Father thought it important enough to say He will give to those who ask, so I take it as truth. It goes without saying that true Faith is involved. And that things of God are foolishness to the unbeliever.

  7. Yes, only faith can saves people. As faith is the substance of things we hope for, the evidence of things we cant see. So meaning even though we didnt see but then we have faith, that God intervene our lives, and believe that we are sinner and Jesus paid off that sin, we are saved.

  8. Yes, only faith can saves people. As faith is the substance of things we hope for, the evidence of things we cant see. So meaning even though we didnt see but then we have faith, that God intervene our lives, and believe that we are sinner and Jesus paid off that sin, we are saved.

  9. We can know that Holy Spirit lives in us, when we have that fear in the Lord, we are afraid in committing sin, we are desiring to be at God’s people and we are desiring to know more about God ‘s words and works. We have Holy spirit if we are convicted w/ God words and follow this words in our lives.

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