Becoming a Man and Owning Trees

I was cutting up trees for firewood and my boy was helping me. He was struggling to cut the last chunk in half. I carried on with my business and heard the escalating frustration behind me.

I waited until there were tears and the throwing of saws. “Jacob, you are the one with the brain here. The tree has no brain. You show it who is boss. Own the tree, Jacob.”

I made him deal with the frustration and cut the tree. Then I had him come back and grab the last two pieces of tree and hold them and yell “I own you!” He struggled through tears and frustration and about 10 minutes later he was able to say “I own you” to his tree with real conviction.

When God gave man dominion over the earth it wasn’t just a commission to plow land and stuff, it was an actual transference of authority. If we own trees, we are not to let trees own us.

No tree should make you mad and upset. No tree should ruin your day. No tree should own you. Part of ownership is being in control, inanimate objects should never get the best of us.

I may be stretching the spiritual point here but I think it factors in. In fact, it changed a young frustrated boy who was ready to give up all work for the rest of his life, into a young boy who continued to cut up trees for another half hour saying “I own you” to each piece he cut off.

My boy is becoming a man one tree at a time.

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