Nahum, Jonah and Cookie-Cutter Pastors

Nahum was a prophet to Nineveh about 150 years after Jonah. Jonah warned Nineveh of doom and Nineveh frustratingly repented and the doom was averted.

Sometime after that (Jewish tradition says 40-days after Jonah left), Nineveh gave up on their repentance and returned to being a vile city in a vile kingdom. These were bad people and God finally has had enough.

Nahum comes to tell them that destruction looms. Nahum uses pretty nasty language about God pulling their skirts over their heads and throwing filth at them, throwing rocks and pouring out fiery fury.

Nahum got the job Jonah would have died to have.

Why did God choose Nahum to give this message and not Jonah? Was it merely a timing issue or was there something about their character that God used Nahum to give the final warning rather than Jonah?

Perhaps Jonah revelled in their destruction too much, maybe Nahum approached it with more humility. Perhaps that message if delivered by Jonah would have solidified Jonah in sin.

For whatever reason, God, in His wisdom, chose Nahum and not Jonah to talk about throwing filth on Nineveh.

As we observe the diverse landscape of modern Christianity, let’s avoid the tendency to make pastors, prophets, evangelists and other servants of the Lord all the same.

There is no cookie-cutter approach, yet for the most part one pastor is the same as the next. They tell the same sermon illustrations, with the same jokes, the same laugh, the same smile, the same tone of voice and inflection. It’s all so smooth, so practiced and so fake.

We’re all different. Many members, one Body. Don’t be afraid to use who you are as you humbly submit to God’s call on your life.

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