Grace is Deceitful

Was doing a study on deceit and came across Proverbs 31:30, a verse I’ve heard many a makeupped woman ironically quote. The first phrase caught my attention, “Favour is deceitful.”

Most translations translate favour as charm, not sure where they get that from but the NASB, ESV and NIV all go with charm. KJV uses favour.

If you look up the word in the Hebrew it’s chen, the typical word for grace or favor. I only found one translation that translates it with the grace root, Darby’s Translation, “gracefulness is deceitful.”

But if you translate the word in the most common way (used 68 times in the OT and translated “grace” 38 times) you would put grace in there–grace is deceitful.

When someone shows you grace or favor they are either showing love or they want something!

Perhaps our modern notion of God’s grace is viewed in a deceitful way. Let me clarify–I am not saying that God’s grace is deceitful. I’m saying that the way many view it and teach it is used to lure in people to their way of thinking or to their church.

We avoid confronting sin, using church discipline, taking moral stands, exhorting people to avoid hell, etc. so we can talk about grace.

We’re not doing this to elevate God or His grace, no, we’re pretty much doing it to avoid confrontation and to win friends and influence people. As Joel Osteen says, “People come to church to feel good.”

“Grace is deceitful.” God said it, not me.

2 thoughts on “Grace is Deceitful”

  1. Jeff
    You said “When someone shows you grace or favor they are either showing love or they want something!” Does the someone include God ? As a few blogs ago you said that Gods Grace is conditional. Just a thought.

  2. Good thought. I would drive at it like this:

    When I think of Proverbs 31:30 I think of a babe of a woman being nice, showing favor to a guy not because she likes him or has any interest in him, she just wants something from him. She is being deceitful. She will like him until she gets what she wants from him.

    God does not give grace like this.

    The babe Cindy Henschel showed me favor and eventually married me. She did not show favor to get something from me, but because there was something there that caused her to show me her favor–my general awesomeness. I met some condition that she had in her mind of what kind of guy she wants to marry.

    God does not give grace to get something; He gives grace because something is there that makes Him respond favorably.

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