Tozer on New Life

“He [the born again believer] must alter his attitude toward almost everything. Many solid pillars upon which he had previously leaned without question are now seen to be made of chalk and ready to crumble at any moment.

“What is worst of all, his self-confidence suddenly vanishes. He sees through the flimsy pretense of the you-can-do-it school of thought. He wonders why Emerson’s celebrated essay on self-reliance disturbs him now instead of affording him a shot in the arm.

“He hears the Lord say, ‘Without me you can do nothing,’ and falls at His feet like a little child. All the certainty goes out of him and he throws himself out onto the promise of God, every natural hope and every human trust gone forever.

“This can be a bitter and terrifying experience and it is one, regrettably, that not many persons today know anything about.”

–A. W. Tozer, A New Man in an Old World