Tozer on the Devil’s Devices

The devil is adept at the use of the red herring. He knows well how to divert the attention of the praying Christian from his subtler but deadly attacks to something more obvious and less harmful. Then while the soldiers of the Lord gather excitedly at one gate, he quietly enters by another.

And when the “saints” lose interest in the red herring, they return to find the newly baptized and pious enemy in charge of proceedings. So far are they from recognizing him that they soon adopt his ways and call it progress.”

–A. W. Tozer

3 thoughts on “Tozer on the Devil’s Devices”

  1. From the article this quote was in, the context was putting on shows in church. If you click on his name you can read the whole thing.

  2. Thanks…I should have thought of that.

    Very interesting article, but I doubt that many churches will change from their present course…it is called the “moving of the Spirit” and generates a lot of good feelings. Society, in our day, is addicted to good feelings and the popularity of a church depends upon going along with this current.

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