Career Change

It’s a perfect time to change careers since we only have three days left, which as you know, means we have three thousand years left, except a thousand years is as a day so actually we only do have an actual three days left, depending on what part of that verse God means right now.

Maybe when Genesis says that Noah lived 950 years it really meant he only lived for 95% of a day, which, wow, what a day! Busy, busy. Busy as a beaver, which coincidentally, like to cut down trees and float them across water. Hey, I might be on to something here!

O the depths of the wisdom of God!

Anyway, since I’m not preparing a sermon this week and have basically given up reading the Bible and stuff, because, seriously, what’s the point? I’m just going to spend my remaining three days being merry, and by days I mean actual days, 24-hour periods.

For my remaining three days I’m going to pursue my calling I’ve never had the guts to go for. Yes, I’m going to pursue my dream of becoming a stand-up comic. I think I can make a three-day career of it, depending on what time Saturday God returns in judgment.

Which begs the question, at exactly what time is God going to return? Depending on what time zone you are in, Saturday gets here pretty early in some places, we might only have just two days left. Better get busy.

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  1. Like Benny Hinn and his ilk, this man who is making these claims, we really should be mourning for.
    He has set himself up for being made fun of, but in truth like Hinn, it is sad that he is so blind.

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