The Pride of Ignorance

Romans says that “knowledge puffs up” and this is true. Intelligent people enjoy sharing and proving their intelligence.

But there’s something else I’ve noticed–ignorance has a pride all its own.

“Oh, I don’t read books, I only read the Bible.”
“We don’t feel a need to sit under preaching, the Spirit leads us.”
“I just love people, knowledge puffs up.”

I’ve met many an ignorant Christian who used their ignorance to prove their superiority. It’s nigh on impossible to break through to these people, any time you use reason they balk, “That’s all just the wisdom of man, I listen only to God.”

Perhaps, however, what this really proves, is that pride will get us no matter who we are.

4 thoughts on “The Pride of Ignorance”

  1. How about this one…
    “I’m biblically illiterate and proud of it” – said a Sunday School teacher.
    Scary, huh!?

  2. Do you mind another example?
    A man put his hands over his hears when being instructed from the Bible and repeated over and over, “Littlte known little required.” I actually heard and saw that from a man on more than one occasion when I was a teenager.

  3. As Christians, we simply need to bring these ideas to the test of the model Christian: Jesus Christ. Was he a man who shunned learning? Not at all…at the age of twelve he had more spiritual knowledge than the leading teachers of His time. To despise knowledge and understanding is to despise Christ, for all the treasures of the depth of the knowledge of God are in Him. He invites us to “seek Him with our whole heart.” (Ps. 119:2).

    It is not knowledge that is the problem but the pride of the flesh, which wants to put it’s confidence in it’s own nicely arranged facts and figures instead of a humble dependance and living faith in the Source of all wisdom.

    Heaven, I am sure, will be a very busy place, where the powers of the soul will find their truest expression in a healthy pursuit and searching into all the mysteries of nature and revelation. Solomon illustrated this in the early part of his reign, when he was still true to God.

    The idea that spirituality is an enemy of learning, and that in heaven we will be sitting on clouds numbing our faculties with droning harp sounds is extremely inaccurate and a gross misrepresentation of God’s character.

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