I Am Second

Are you aware of the “I Am Second” campaign? It’s a series of video interviews giving people’s testimonies of Jesus Christ. In many respects, the interviews are good, many are heartfelt, honest and inspiring.

Others are a tad humorous to my twisted brain. Some are just cool, angsty guys talking about “what God has been teaching me, man.” The camera work and the setting is hip. It’s cool stuff, and would be fun to make fun of.

So I did. Here is my new video campaign, “I Am Forty Second.”

3 thoughts on “I Am Second”

  1. Jeff,
    It would seem that you are more than ready for softball season to start, I think you may have been cooped up to long brother. (heh)

  2. Thought 1: Since Jesus said to forgive 70 x 7, maybe you should start at being 491. Thought #2: What if someone says they are infinity + 1. Since God is infinite and He is #1, doesn’t that make them #2. Which means being #2 is one more than infinity.

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