Faith, Humility and Submission

Romans 10 says that faith comes by hearing. We are also told that believers walk by faith. Seems we ought to know what “hearing” is all about.

Allow a couple verses from Psalm 81 to enlighten us as to what God means when He talks about hearing.

“My people did not listen to My voice,
         And Israel did not obey Me.”

Hearing God’s voice means obeying God. Two verses later He says:

“Oh that My people would listen to Me,
         That Israel would walk in My ways!”

Hearing means walking in His ways. The alternative to not obeying and walking God’s way, is that we obey ourselves and walk in our way. According to the verse that comes between these two, this is called stubborn pride.

Pride is our big problem in life. Pride is a main root of sin. It tripped up Satan, Eve and every created being since except Jesus Christ–who, by the way, obeyed His Father perfectly–the very definition of humility.

Faith and humility go together because they are both necessary for proper submission and obedience. I think that’s why Paul in Romans a few times refers to “the faith of obedience.”

And let’s not forget that God gives grace to the humble and we’re saved by grace through faith. Faith is obedience; obedience is hearing; hearing is faith.

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  1. The book of Revelation, in order not to be misunderstood on this point, expanded the definition of what it means to “hear”:

    Rev. 1:3 – “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.”

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