Mr. Rogers and the Holy Spirit

Christianity’s conception of the Holy Spirit reminds me more of Mr. Rogers than it does the God of the universe. Believers are indwelt by the Spirit so we can be extra, super-duper nice and stuff.

But when you compare what the Spirit does to people in the Bible with our conception of Him, there are few similarities.

We have the idea that the Holy Spirit merely adds a different component to life. The stuff we couldn’t do before, like be patient, we can now still not do, but we can joke that “the Spirit is still working on me!”

That whole “love thing” sure sounds nice too, and it would be nice to love people, it’s just so hard when you’re with people to actually do it, “The Spirit’s not done with me yet I guess!”

There’s this notion that the Spirit doesn’t really change anything in me, He doesn’t make me inherently different. No, He works with what I got. He smooths the edges, takes a little off the top, but essentially I’m still me. “He’ll finish me someday!”

This bothers me. When the Spirit came on people in the Bible they changed. They weren’t the same. Samson, Saul, David, the apostles, and all these men were different after the Spirit came on them.

We’re the same, we just know we’re not supposed to be. To the degree we are the same, we blame it on the Spirit’s poor work ethic in making me different.

Not sure what my point is yet. It just bothers me. It just does. The fact that I used the word “just” twice there proves it.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Rogers and the Holy Spirit”

  1. Perhaps it’s a trust issue. We have so many other means of accomplishing things other than trusting God’s Spirit. Yeah, I agree Jeff we (believers in America) certainly don’t resemble the folks in the bible who God’s Spirit was working through. A good thing to seek God in prayer about, but it’s encouraging that it doesn’t settle well with you.

  2. He sure made a difference in Peter. Peter trembled in fear because a young lady recognized him as possibly a follower of Christ. He denied his Lord three times to save his own hide. But 50 days later Peter stumbles out of the upper room with the 120 full of the Holy Ghost and preaches a strikingly bold sermon to a potentially hostile crowd and 3000 souls are saved.

    You are right. The Holy Ghost made a difference in them and He should make a difference in us as well. It is the Divine Difference that we must have in this critical hour. Paul used the word “trust” in the comment above and perhaps that is the proper word. The words that ring in my heart are yield and surrender. As we yield ourselves to the Spirit as our master and guide and surrender our will to the will of the Spirit, surely God can use us in His service.

    God let it be so in our lives.


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