Biggest Mistake Churches Make With Teaching Kids

I’m no fan of modern-day church youth programs. They all miss the mark for me. See yesterday’s post for more on that.

But there is one error in particular that churches make that I think is incredibly stupid–we let the most biblically ignorant teach our youth.

I don’t know why this is, but it certainly holds true for every church I’ve known. Maybe it’s hard to find people who will deal with kids. Maybe we think kids are too dumb anyway, who cares what they’re taught?

Kids are often given the filth and offscouring of teachers in the church. One of the first “ministries” thrust upon new believers is teaching kids.

We think of the benefit the new believer will get from this experience, and seemingly ignore the potential ruin this may cause a kid. The first Bible lesson I ever taught was to kids. I have no idea what I taught, but I pray to the Lord it was right.

We think that kids don’t listen, when in reality, kids do listen. In my experience, it’s the adults that don’t pay attention. Kids hold onto things. Oh, be careful what you say to a child from the Bible. Your stupid remarks may turn a kid from the Lord for eternity.

If you must assign new believers jobs, have them teach adults, they’re already thinking about lunch, they won’t mind a little heresy. They’re probably looking for a reason to leave church anyway.

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  1. So true. I have learned more and have been more careful of my theology since writing and teaching kids – than I ever was before.

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