We Don’t Know How To Pray as We Ought, Idiot

Any time a man teaches on prayer some smart guy will say, “Thanks for all your teaching, wondering how you know all this when Paul says we don’t know how to pray?” Although the word “idiot” may not conclude this statement, it is implied.

 Notice, if you actually read the verse, it says we don’t know “what to pray for as we ought.” He doesn’t say that we don’t know how to pray, he says we don’t know WHAT to pray for as we should. I’m good with this.

I am not good with the man who makes this statement mean that we can know absolutely nothing about prayer at all, ever, idiot.

That’s not true and I know it’s not true because Christ taught people to pray, Paul, Peter, and James all give instruction regarding prayer. The Bible is filled with examples of prayer and all Scripture is written for our learning.

Romans 8 is largely about the Holy Spirit. It explains our dependence upon the Spirit’s intercession. Paul is not telling people they can’t pray because they’re all too dumb.

So, how should we pray? Here’s another little video I did to illustrate three popular ways of praying, which one I prefer, but also, what my preferred way means. Pop some pop-corn and enjoy.

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  1. Very sound teaching Jeff, I appreciate your wisdom and humor, it’s a good mix brother.

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