Obedience, Grace, and Prayer

OK, so my video on prayer says that God listens to us much the way we listen to Him. This is somewhat offensive to us.

We know we don’t listen well. We know we frequently go hours, maybe even days, without a conscious thought about God in our lives. I thought God was gracious? He is, and here is how His grace works with our disobedience and our prayers.

If God listens to us the way we listen to Him, and we don’t listen to Him, what is our only basis for being heard by God?

Grace. Mercy. Humility. When was the last time in one of your prayers you said something like, “There is no reason for you to listen to me, I have no right to come before you apart from your grace and mercy. Graciously hear my request.”

Objection! God already declared that He gave me grace, why do I have to ask for more in a prayer?

One evidence that you have indeed received God’s grace is that you constantly call upon it. His grace is sufficient. By His grace we can enter with boldness the throne room.

If we flippantly deal with God because “He’s gracious,” rather than out of humility and utter dependence, it shows we have no concept of what God’s grace is and, more than likely, have never been recipients of it.