Tozer on Decisionism

“Today all is made to depend upon the initial act of believing. At a given moment a “decision” is made for Christ, and after that everything is automatic.

“This is not taught in so many words, but such is impression inadvertently created by our failure to lay a scriptural emphasis in our evangelistic preaching.

“We of the evangelical churches are almost all guilty of this lopsided view of the Christian life, and because the foundations are out of plumb the temple of God leans dangerously and threatens to topple unless some immediate corrections are made.

“In our eagerness to make converts we allow our hearers to absorb the idea that they can deal with their entire responsibility once and for all by an act of believing.

“This is in some vague way supposed to honor grace and glorify God, whereas actually it is to make Christ the author of a grotesque, unworkable system that has no counterpart in the Scriptures of truth.”
–A. W. Tozer–go here to read the rest

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  1. Acually the gospel is simple to understand, but living it out is the hardest thing we could ever undertake. Each day I must bend my knee to all that Christ is, and sometimes I don’t feel inclined too, I need His help to trust Him everyday. Christianity is not day to day so much, as it’s moment to moment.

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