Commandments in the NT

Since many people think grace implies we can do whatever we want, and since God loves us now in the NT, unlike how He was itching to kill us all in the OT, we don’t think we need to obey God.

Furthermore, some go so far as to say that God no longer commands us to do anything because we are under grace, and grace does not make demands or command people. Here’s a quote I read from a book recently about Romans 12:1 as an example of grace and commands:

“Do we now have to resort to a “have to” method of living? Is God now commanding us to present our bodies a living sacrifice? No. He beseeches us! We know that Romans 12:1 is a great goal, but God is not working on a “have to” basis. Yes indeed, God has another way and it is the way of grace.”

Although not the dumbest thing I’ve ever read, it’s pretty close. He then goes on to talk about love, how does God try to get us to love, by commanding us? NO! By showing us and “encouraging” us to love.

Again, sounds good except for that Bible over there with all them words in it. “And this is his commandment, That we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as he gave us commandment.”

Saying that God begs us now rather than commands us, makes us the ones with the power and God the one dependent on us. I can’t go there. God is the Lawgiver, the Judge, the Creator and Supreme Being. I am a breathing pile of dirt.

God does not beg us to listen, He commands us to listen. He may employ some beseeching from time to time, can’t deny that, but the beseeching is not pleeing for His benefit, but for ours.

When I tell my son to eat his stupid vegetables, that’s a command he must obey. If he does not there will be judgment–no dessert. If I know we are having ice cream I may say, “Jacob, just please, please, eat your vegetables, I don’t want to have to take away the treats, man.”

But I am not begging for my sake and begging is certainly not the main function I use to inspire my boy to obedience. There is nothing more pathetic than watching a parent beg their child to listen as a main tactic in their relationship.

Anyway, long post longer, God does want love to be a motivator and He does beseech us to obey, but the reason why is because He has commanded us to do things and He does not desire that any should perish. Obey the commands of God, you can’t go wrong.

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  1. >”There is nothing more pathetic than watching a parent beg their child to >listen as a main tactic in their relationship.”

    Yes, it is an utterly hopeless tactic. The child at that point is a tyrant, and by begging them to do what you would like, you are trying to appeal to a tyrant…not much chance of success.

    Now look at the way Christ dealt with Peter. “Except I wash your feet, you have no part in Me.” It wasn’t a threat, but a warning about the consequences of refusing to submit.

    I had to deal with my son in a similar way yesterday. He refused to do his writing practice. I left it with him for the afternoon. When I came down from working upstairs, there was still a blank page of paper before him. I then told him, “Well, if you won’t write out these few lines, then I will not make supper for you. You’ll have to make it yourself.”

    Because I try to make our meals special and enjoyable, this was a consequence that he definitely didn’t like. But he needed to know that there would be a consequence for disobedience…which is what he would find in the world, and in God’s kingdom also.

    I then immediately went ahead and started to prepare only enough food for my supper. He saw I was serious, and then quickly wrote out the exercise and was done.

    Sometimes, as parents, we are tempted to feel that it is not love when we give out such judgements, but it certainly is. God’s love is expressed by His law, which has conditions and warnings. He knows that sin, the transgression of His law, will destroy us, and He cannot endure to leave us as a prey to its deceptive power. Therefore, He speaks both by blessings given, and by blessings removed.

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