Jacob Prophesies About Israel’s Sacrifices?

Isaac is getting ready to die. Before departing, he wants to bestow blessings on his favored son, Esau. He loves Esau because Esau makes him steak, which is a fine reason to favor a kid.

Jacob is set up by his dear ol’ ma to go in and fool his father into thinking he is the favored son, deserving of blessings. One problem–Esau is hairy and Jacob is suave.

So dear ol’ ma devises a plan to put animal skins on Jacob’s hands and neck to deceive poor ol’ pa into blessing Jacob. It works, much to Esau’s chagrin.

Jacob does not have a flattering biography in the Bible. He doesn’t come across well. But Jacob is like much of humanity.

We know we’re not favored by our Father, so instead of listening to our Father, we dress ourselves up externally, thinking that we can fool Him.

“I know I don’t trust God, but maybe I can fool Him by looking like I trust Him. Quick, go kill me an animal.” Jacob is perhaps a prophecy concerning Israel’s approach to sacrifices?

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