Accountability and Pride

Yesterday I voiced my opinion about the lack of biblical support for our oft mentioned need for “accountability.”

In order to conquer sin, we are told, we need to regularly meet with someone to go through our sin roster and report how well we are doing. We do our best to talk ourselves up as horrible rotten sinners, that way it’s easier to show progress.

As we meet regularly to share how well the battle goes, we are to show ourselves to be conquering sin, getting better. When we are tempted to sin, we are to think of the horrors of admitting our sin to our accountability partner.

Alas, this works for many. It works for vain, proud people anyway.

The Church is great at defeating sin with other sins. In order to get people to quit adultery we shame them into stopping. We then claim a huge spiritual victory took place.

Actually, a man just replaced adultery with pride–the desire to look good in front of others. Has the heart changed? Who knows, time tells.

Beware Satan’s subtle traps. He deceives people into thinking they’re making progress in depending on God when in reality, they are merely getting stronger in another area of the flesh.

2 thoughts on “Accountability and Pride”

  1. Hey Jeff, are we not instructed to bare one another’s burdens, I think the only way to do that is by sharing them with someone in the body who is trustworthy. You being mature in your faith may not have the struggles, that a less mature brother is burdened with. I don’t care for the term accountabiliy either, but someone less mature in their faith may need the counsel of an elder brother.

  2. Paul, there is a command to bear one another’s burdens, to help a man taken in a fault. There is also a command, three verses later for every man to bear his own burdens. Galatians 6:1-5. There is a time and place for confronting another’s sins. There is also a place for everyone bearing their own burdens.

    This does not remind me of accountability groups where everyone seemingly needs someone else to constantly bear burdens. Confronting someone over their sin is different from someone listing all their sins to you.

    I may be splitting hairs, I’ve just never seen anything in Scripture that says we should organize the modern manifestation of accountability groups.

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