The Sin Unto Death

The wages of sin is death. Hell is reserved for the unrighteous, the sinners. Sinners go to hell.

Except not all of em! Some sinners go to heaven! Therefore, we must conclude that a man does not go to hell because he sins, because many have sinned and not gone to hell.

What determines who goes to hell? It is not whether we sinned, it’s whether we’ve rejected  the blood and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Rejecting Christ is the sin unto death. There is no hope for the unrepentant sinner who rejects Christ and is yet in his sin.

When men are judged they will be shown their sin. If a man did not have faith in Jesus Christ, his sin abides and the wrath of God abides as well.

Being a sinner does not send men to hell; staying an unforgiven sinner does.

One thought on “The Sin Unto Death”

  1. Hey Jeff, great job of unpacking that verse. I have to admit I recently read 1 John and didn’t fully understand the true meaning behind that verse. Thanks brother!

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