Dumb Songs

There is a “Christmas” song called “It Snowed.” It’s not a bad song, it has a catchy tune and the female voice is not bad, I’ve heard more irritating songs. But it has a line in it, which honestly bothers me.

The song is about how wonderful a snow day is. It ends by longing for another snow day tomorrow and then it flops out this bothersome lyric:

“Wish upon a star
It snows again tonight.”

Let’s think this through: “Wish upon a star.” When do stars come out? At night. If it “snows again tonight” there has to be clouds, cuz see, snow comes from clouds. If there are clouds you won’t see a star to wish upon.

That bothers me. It does. It just does.

It also makes me feel better knowing that Christians do not have a monopoly on writing incredible illogical songs.

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