The Law Converts

When we think of someone getting “converted,” we generally associate it with new birth, being made a new creation by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. That probably isn’t a wrong correlation, but it does have a different meaning.

Psalm 19 says “The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul.” To
“convert the soul” means to transform the life, change the heart, or that your way of life completely shifts.

The law of the Lord can facilitate this change. Timothy knew the Scriptures, the law, and it was able to make him wise unto salvation. Timothy’s life changed.

We downplay the power of God’s Word way too much. We chalk up conversion to our decision-making abilities, our spiritual discipline, our taking part in sacraments and many other things.

The Word seems tacked on. Sort of like that fork your mother-in-law puts on the platter of sausages and cheese that no one uses because it’s so much simpler to use your fingers.

The law of God is no sausage fork, my friends. Oh no, it’s the sausage.

I will conclude before I break something tripping over my metaphor.

One thought on “The Law Converts”

  1. Here, here, the law of God is no sausage fork indeed!
    Yeah but try and say that with a straight face, and people will think you have lost it for sure.

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