Biography: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I can’t even imagine being his mother trying to teach him how to spell his name. I read a biography by Eric Metaxas, which was a very good read, well done.

Bonhoeffer and I would not have been friends. He’s an academic that took things seriously. I’m not an academic and have problems following his thoughts.

I do admire his life. His participation in plots to kill Hitler is a questionable issue. I give him props for being settled in his mind and going for it, still don’t think it was right.

Bonhoeffer lived at a time that called for seriousness. His principled stand against an evil man who was actively trying to wipe out Jews troubled Bonhoeffer. There is no doubt that his times formed his theology.

This is one of the few biographies I would recommend wholeheartedly. Well written story about an interesting life.

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  1. I do not remember how accurate it is concerning all the facts of his life but Focus on the Family Radio Theater released a CD drama on Bonhoeffer several years ago. It was very moving. It inspired me to finally push my way through a few of his books that I had been trying to read for years. Still didn’t comprehend all his writing or agree with everything I did understand but he was an interesting man.

    Have a greatt Thanksgiving.


  2. I’m with you on this one. I don’t get a lot of what he says, and the bits I get I can’t say I totally agree with all the time, but there’s no arguing the sincerity of the life lived.

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