Biography: John Wesley

Before reading on Calvin, I read a biography of Wesley, which seemed fair, and I, above all else, am a fair guy. I picked up a biography by Stephen Tomkins, who is a writer for Ship of Fools, an amusing Christiany sight.

The book was fairly well-written and had me laugh out loud several times. Wesley himself was an interesting guy. He rode his horse 250,000 to preach, presumably not all on the same horse, although Methodist horses do ride well. (Little Methodist humor for ya there, only funny if you know the phrase “Methodists die well” and even then probably not that funny. I’ll move on.)

Wesley’s life was a tad troubling to me. He had weird relations with women, he couldn’t stand his wife and once told her he still loved her because she was so clean, which, I’ve heard worse reasons, but still, and his charismatic emotional quackeries that followed him is one of those things.

Wesley was tormented over sin. He managed to devise a theology that relieved the torment, sort of, as he maintained his perfect love perfectiony thing.

Comparing Calvin and Wesley doctrinally I agree more with Wesley. Both of them, however, had very odd lives. Wesley seems more human and down to earth, but his earthiness had its own set of issues.

You can’t always devise the correctness of a man’s doctrine by his life, but it does have a connection somewhere. It’s nice that Wesley didn’t kill anyone for disagreeing with him. I thought that was a point in his favor.


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