Fast and Loose Company

Fast Company magazine has put out a chart detailing all the inconsistencies in the Bible. You can view the chart here and also view the comments, which are interesting and/or entertaining as well. (It will show you an advertisement before you get to see the chart.)

The folks over at The Resurgence have responded to the chart here.

My response would go like this: that’s fine. The Bible does have some contradictions in it, some should not bother us, some should. Those that should bother us should drive us deeper into the Word to figure out what’s up.

At the same time, even if all contradictions have perfectly clear explanations (and I don’t think they all do), the main issue is one of faith. A man who has no ears to hear will not hear.

I used to subscribe to Fast Company for a couple of years, then it’s underlying biases, stereotypes and prejudices drove away any enjoyment I got out of the magazine.

There is a right to free speech; there is also a right to not have to listen to free speech I don’t like.

One thought on “Fast and Loose Company”

  1. Sometimes when I see challenges like that against the Bible, I feel a strong urge to go out and try to answer them. But then I realise that these folks are not really sincere, they are not looking for answers. They want fig leaves to cover their nakedness, but it will not satisfy them.
    Although this analogy fails to convey the actual beauty that is in Christ, a simple example would be if someone produced the Mona Lisa for the first time, and displayed it to the public. Then the critics came (who were actually jealous that they hadn’t produced something as good), and began to pick it apart…there was a flaw in one shading on a cheek, and a crack in the paint near the robe, and one eye was a hairline lower than the other.
    A real lover of art would come along and simply admire and adore, and try to drink in the spirit that produced such a work.
    Nit-picky criticism of a great work of art and beauty only reveals how narrow and stunted the mind can become under the influence of sin.

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