Dork’s Guide to Song of Solomon

I have never been described as a “romantic” in any definition of the word. I have been described as a “dork” many times. I’m OK with that.

The Song of Solomon was on my reading schedule for today. I find nothing romantic whatsoever about this book. Nothing. Marriage counselors sometimes say that a husband and wife should sit down and read this book together by candlelight to “get in the mood.”

Oh, we’d be in a mood all right!

Allow me to share The Dork’s Commentary on Song of Solomon:

S of S Chapter One: My girl looks good.
S of S Chapter Two: My man gives me stuff.
S of S Chapter Three: My man has nice stuff.
S of S Chapter Four: My girl looks good.
S of S Chapter Five: My man looks good, but I’m too tired to open the door for him.
S of S Chapter Six: Huh, imagine that? My man left.
S of S Chapter Seven: Man, even though she doesn’t open the door for me, that girl still looks good, can’t wait to give her more stuff.
S of S Chapter Eight: My girl looks good. My man gives me stuff.

This is the literal meaning of the text. What mood does it put you in? Maybe I’m missing something.

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