Christian Vampires

As with all worldly trends, Christians jump on it right as it is about to stall out. Consider vampire novels. These were big money for secular publishers about two years ago. Now novels of the undead are dying off.

Surely Christian book publishers won’t jump on this bandwagon? How could they? What do vampires have to do with Jesus?

Well, sorry, if you thought Christian America wouldn’t stoop so low, you be wrong. How exactly can you write Christian vampire novels and maintain a belief you are still being Christian? Goes like this:

“Allen Arnold Sr., vice president and publisher of Thomas Nelson Fiction, which published the [Christian vampire] trilogy, said any story can be redeemed when told from a Christian worldview, just as any life can be redeemed through the power of Christ.”


Sounds to me more like: “any story with Jesus tacked on it can make us money, so hey, we went for it.”

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