Robed in Righteousness

I read this exact quote with references and everything the other day, see if you can find the error in it!

“As the priests of old were clothed with righteousness (Psalm 132:9), so the believer is robed in the wedding garment of the righteousness of God and in that garment he will appear in glory (Revelation 19:8).”

See anything wrong with that?

The error is in his “loose quotation” of Revelation 19:8, in fact, his loose quotation completely changes the verse! He states that Revelation 19:8 shows believers robed in “the righteousness of God.”

Click on the link for Revelation 19:8. What are the believers robed in?

Maybe this is splitting hairs, but it bothers me when guys “quote” verses, throw a reference in there, but when you look it up the reference does not say what they said it says!

I then have a hard time listening to them after that. Maybe I should be more forgiving, I’ve probably¬†done the same thing. When in doubt; look it up!

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