The Lord’s Face

“Seek the Lord’s face” has always been an annoying phrase to me. My first impressions of this phrase were not good.

I went to a “Christian” “college” where lots of “Christian” girls would breathlessly and whisperily talk about “I just, I need to just seek God’s face” and it always made me feel like throwing up.

In all honesty, I blocked that phrase from my mind as something fake, Christian, breathy girls said and that was it. Then I noticed something odd, the phrase was in the Bible!

Oh. Just as I won’t allow Charismatic whackos to hijack the term “be filled with the Spirit,” so too will I disallow breathy, college chics from hijacking “seek God’s face.”

The next problem with the phrase is: what does it mean? How can I seek the face of One who I cannot see? Based on the passages where this phrase is used, here is what “seek God’s face” means:

1) To rely on His strength and not your own. Not sure this clears it up for me as “rely on His strength” seems just as floaty as “seek God’s face.”

2) To turn from your wicked way to seek His way.

3) The other references refer to going to Jerusalem or the temple.

Proverbs 7:15 uses the phrase to refer to a whore coming after a man, which seems illustrative!

The term is not used in the New Testament, although Paul, in writing to the Thessalonians, mentions wanting to see their face again. A desire to be back in their company.

Overall, the phrase means to be in God’s presence. In the New Testament Era, believers are the temple of God, we are always in His presence. I don’t think this means we should not seek Him, we are to believe that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

So, in conclusion, Christian college chics are really annoying.

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