A Man With No Hour

“The man and the hour have met,” was once said about Jefferson Davis (He was the president of the Confederacy for all you NIV readers out there) (“The Confederacy” was the guys in the South during the Civil War for those who read the New Living Translation).

That’s a cool sentence. Many people who make a mark in history, business and various other places are people who just happen to be at the right place at the right time.

It’s fun to read their biographies and get into their heads, but you can never escape the question, “but what would this guy have done without that Hour?”

Then there’s the question for us: what if we never meet our Hour? What if our life is just a succession of mundane hours with no crises, no Rubicon crossings, and basically just life happening?

It’s easy to be inspired by guys in the Bible and Church History acting on their Christian faith to accomplish great things. Know why there are so many genealogies in the Bible? Because God wants us to know there were lots of guys who never met their Hour.

It’s great when faith shows itself in an Hour. What’s more impressive is when faith triumphs without an Hour. A plodding consistency in doing God’s Will.

Be ready for your Hour, but never lose heart when it never comes around. Run the race with patience. Patient continuance in well-doing works every hour.

One thought on “A Man With No Hour”

  1. Wow, very profound as I’ve spend most of my adult life seeking how one finds his hour and after seeking it for more decades then I care to count, it’s bind luck plain and simple. While, one can “emulate” all the right things it still takes the magic of moment and place for the mirciale to happen…

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