Church is a Collection of Idiots

The early days of the anti-itch meditation existed to point out theological idiocy on display in the Church. It was fun. It was also largely depressing. I had to stop.

However, since those days, although I have stopped pursuing stories of Church idiocy (which are still ample), I have continued to point out mindless Churchy drivel that comes my way.

I even started a comic strip about it. Dietrich Bonhoeffer (I’m reading a new biography of him so I’m getting lots of good quotes) said, “Christianity conceals within itself a germ hostile to the church.”

Amen, brother!

Christianity is the following of Christ, who was largely opposed to religious structure, particularly religious structure that completely missed the point of Scripture for the sake of its religious structure. Zeal for God’s house ate Him up.

To follow Christ is to carry on the mission of attacking religious structures that trump themselves over Scripture. All Christians should have a healthy wariness of the Church.

This is proved by Scripture (Matthew 23) as well as Church History. The Church is made up of people and people are idiots. Therefore, the Church is a collection of idiots. Idiocy will ensue.

At the same time there is hatred for all that corrupts the Church, there is a deep love for the health and benefits of the Church. There is a desire to push past human idiocy to get to Christ-centered unity and fellowship.

If nothing else, being in the Church has made me long for the day when I will be in heaven, surrounded by Christ-bought, Christ taught believers. What a day of rejoicing it will be.

In the meanwhile. fight the idiocy!

One thought on “Church is a Collection of Idiots”

  1. Unchurched folks sometimes have more discernment than most church going folks when it comes to judging people’s motives, and that’s plain sad. Maybe it’s because most Christians are trusting, but mostly it seems to be just pure lack of knowledge of God’s word.

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