Double-Minded, Lukewarm Wimps

The modern depiction of Christianity is that it’s just like any other hobby–something you do with your spare time.

It is rarely ever portrayed as a way of life. The Gospel seems as disconnected with reality as the Cubs and winning baseball.

We’ve created a Church of mildly interested observers of Christianity. A Church that doesn’t mind sitting around being Christianized for a few hours a month. A Church that’s like Bill Clinton–we smoke but we don’t inhale.

Jesus Christ says He’d rather have us be hot or cold. Atheists are better in God’s eyes than those who play with Christianity. He spits our lukewarm curiosity out.

Make up your minds you double-minded!

“The religion of Christ is not a tidbit after one’s bread, on the contrary, it is the bread or it is nothing. People should at least understand and concede this if they call themselves Christian.”
–Dietrich Bonhoeffer