The Slavery of False Liberty

“Our willingness to suffer for the sake of the perception of freedom is remarkable.”

This is a quote from Jaron Lanier, who is an internet specialist guy who was writing about economics. I found the quote very insightful into human nature.

Christians, at least American Christians, know that Christ has made us free. The problem comes because most people define “free” wrong.

They never get saved, they just enjoy a mental state of freedom, they’ve successfully quenched their conscience and go about convincing themselves they have what Christ gave them.

As they live, they will continue under the bondage to sin, they will be swayed by the group they are in, legalism will continue to haunt them, they will carry on full-well knowing that the freedom they talk about is not a reality and the hypocrisy of living fake-happy-Christian eats them up.

They pretend to be free while never having ever been quite so miserable.

Christian Liberty is shown by a desire to serve the Lord, to love the brotherhood, and even the careless liberty to love enemies. It is shown by spiritual fruit–a constant, patient, enduring, meekness and joy revealed by love, faithfulness and peace.

There is a remarkable absence of roller-coaster emotional outbursts good and bad, there is an absence of freaked-out-ness.

True freedom and liberty shows itself with a happy constancy that plods along the race course of faith. This is liberty. This is freedom. The flesh is crucified and the Spirit reins.

O that we would get this.

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  1. Oh so true Jeff, most “seekers” never fully die to self, and come to know the liberty of being crucified with Christ. Keep preaching the truth brother!

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