Defining Christian Liberty

The Bible speaks of “liberty” several times. Most Americans define liberty as “being able to do what I want.”

We then take this Americanized definition of liberty into the Bible and we read, “stand fast in the liberty whereby Christ has made us free” as saying “stand fast in doing whatever you want because Christ has made us free.”

A fuller reading of “liberty” passages will show quite clearly that this is not the intent.

Christian liberty is not “being able to do whatever I want.” Christian liberty, the liberty that Christ died to give you, is the freedom from serving sin. Being brought out of bondage to it and NOW being brought under the power of another–Jesus Christ.

We are to use the freedom that Christ gave us to by love serve one another. To bring ourselves under the point of the Law–love. Liberty means being freed from the tyranny of sin in our bodies, to use our bodies to serve Christ with righteousness unto holiness.

Being able to serve God is liberty! I no longer am bound to always serving my own corrupt, vain self, but now I can serve Christ with eternal blessings ensuing. Liberty indeed!

“And I will walk at liberty:
for I seek thy precepts.”

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  1. Indeed! The Bible makes the argument that death is freedom! “For he that is dead is freed from sin!”

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