Walking By Faith

Some people think that “since I have faith in Jesus” I can go anywhere and be with anyone and remain safe from sin. They have an assurance that since they trust Christ temptation loses its power.

This belief lasts until shortly after falling into sin.

Yet it will be returned to. I’ve counseled people who repeatedly fall into sin, it beats them up and gets them down. They buck themselves up with, “But, I just get up and try again. I have faith!”

Off they go back to the bar, back to the old crowd, and then they act surprised when they fall once again.

Walking by faith does not mean that Jesus makes all temptation go away. Walking by faith means applying God’s Word to your life. Parts of God’s Word like, “flee also youthful lusts,” “make no provision for the flesh,” “evil communication corrupts good manners,” etc.

Walking by faith means running from sin, avoiding all appearance of evil. We must not confuse walking by faith with tempting God. “Here I go God, back into the porn shop. I know you’ll deliver me though.”

That’s tempting God and has nothing to do with faith. Sin is a real danger. Treat it so.

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  1. Thank you Jeff – this is a great word. I came across your blog after reading your free book on money, which resonated strongly with me. I really appreciate the way you think and apply scripture to the issues we face today; I also really like your writing style. Keep blogging!

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