Visions of God

Tomorrow I am beginning a series of messages on Ezekiel. Ezekiel gets an awesome glimpse at the presence of God. His ministry is kicked off with tremendous fireworks, shock and awe displays of who God is.

Many prominent men in the Bible had spectacular visions of God, from Moses to Ezekiel to Paul and John. Very cool stuff.

It’s no wonder these guys had incredible ministries even during severe persecution. Their determination was established by their glimpses of God’s power.

Sure seems like we’d all benefit from getting our own visions, wouldn’t we? These experiences are not normative, not something we should expect. If you get one, cool! Go with it.

If you don’t, carry on! Know that the experiences and visions of these guys were written down so that we too might be moved with what they saw. Blessed are those who have not seen and still believe.

If we acted as though we served the same God who displayed Himself with such power to Ezekiel, perhaps we’d have a little more motivation to serve. They’ve been written for our learning, edification and perfection. Enjoy these accounts!

One thought on “Visions of God”

  1. Great points Jeff, I would say every person who comes to trust Christ at some point comes to experience total heart satisfaction. Christ fills our lives with His presence, and God’s spirit fills our hearts, for those of us who are placing our faith in Him. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is for all who are trusting in Christ, it’s a view of God that can’t be experience by those who are dead to the things of the spirit.

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