KJV Vocabulary Lesson #1

I use the King James Version. I do this because I like it and I memorize in it. I can’t find stuff in other Bibles.

I get tired of people saying how hard the KJV is to understand. There is a way to redeem that situation: learn.

Seriously, you could. Just because it uses outdated words doesn’t mean you can’t learn what they mean. A little effort can provide you a great reading experience.  It will also allow you to rock Scrabble, Boggle, WordTwist and many other word-based games.

In an effort to un-NIV Christendom, allow me to edikate you in a fine piece of KJV Vocabulary.

Today’s KJV Vocab word is:



It is found in Isaiah 3:24 in the phrase, “and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth.”

A stomacher is an expensive robe usually worn at festive occasions. Now you know. And, honestly, that phrase sounds much cooler than the NIV’s bland “instead of fine clothing, sackcloth.”


KJV rules.

4 thoughts on “KJV Vocabulary Lesson #1”

  1. We’re memorizing John 1 for the staff memory program this year at Awana. I’ve decided to switch to King James, from NIV. Something you said in a blog post a while back convinced me NIV is not for me (hey, that rhymes). I don’t remember what you said about it, specifically. I just remember you saying that the NIV uses a word that changed the whole meaning of the passage. That was it for me. Our church uses NASB, which I’ve enjoyed so far, so don’t say anything bad about it, k :-).

  2. I believe the post was entitled “Why the NIV Should Die,” which does not leave much to the imagination. Glad it made a difference!

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