Advocating an Advocate

We sin.

Believers sin, too. The Bible says we shouldn’t. It says we should stop it. But it also says that if we do, we have forgiveness through our advocate, Jesus Christ.

I wonder what it is about Jesus, what attribute of His allows Him to be our advocate we can trust in?

“And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous:”
1 John 2:1

It is Christ’s righteousness that causes Him to be our advocate. Why would John choose “the righteous” as the defining characteristic of Christ here?

Seems like if Christ were righteous, we’d want to stay a long way away from Him. Righteous God does not like unrighteous people. Unrighteous people cannot survive before Him.

Wouldn’t it give us more confidence to say “We have an advocate with Jesus Christ the gracious?” Or perhaps, “Jesus Christ the extremely lenient?”

But John goes with “the righteous.”

Here’s my stab at it: Jesus Christ is righteous, we are not. By faith we receive the righteousness of God through Christ. If Christ is not righteous, He has no ability to intercede on our behalf. If He is righteous He has “some pull” with God!

We need a righteous advocate, no other will work. Your priest, your mother, yourself, no one but a perfectly righteous person can be a secure advocate. We only have one: use Him!

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  1. You may not have meant it this way, but the idea that Jesus “has pull” with God seems to put the Father and the Son at variance in the plan of salvation. But that cannot be, they are in perfect unity. The Father so loved the world that He gave His Son. They work together, but in different capacities.

    An “advocate” implies a legal system. There is the law of God, which is as great as God Himself, because it is an expression of His character. That is proved by the fact that the law demanded the death of the sinner, and when Jesus took the sinner’s place, not even He could be spared this death. The broken law demanded the death of even God’s own Son, when He took upon Himself our sins.

    The whole plan of salvation is done in perfect accordance with the principles of Divine law. It is “witnessed” (Rom. 3:21) by the law. There is no “escaping” of punishment, or setting aside the law. All sin will be visited with death. But the plan of salvation allows for the removal of sin from the sinner, so that he need not die eternally.

    That is one of the reasons why we need a perfectly righteous advocate: as sinners, we do not have righteousness, which is life. So we need someone who can give it to us. A simple illustration: if you were sick, you would want to go to the doctor who had the cure for every disease. If he only had the cure for a few diseases, or his cures didn’t always work, then he wouldn’t be the best choice. Jesus is the best choice because He faced every temptation, in much severer magnitude than any of us ever will, and came off conqueror. Therefore, His life is more powerful than sin, and is therefore the perfect remedy.

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