Free Range Chicken, Organic Food and God

There are few things more annoying than people who know about food and dieting. You’re all set to enjoy your Hostess Cupcake and they break in with calorie numbers, fat content, the dangers of trans-fat and blah, blah, blah.

They munch on their organic carrots while spewing forth the health benefits of free range chicken.

I mean, God bless em, it’s a free country. Glad you’re able to convince yourself you are happy eating disgusting foods. But here’s the deal: You’re gonna die anyway, might as well eat good food.

Eat what you want, doesn’t matter to me really. It’s just annoying to be lectured by people on these issues when they die and get sick, too.

Giving unasked for advice on health and diet, and everything else people enjoy lecturing people on to prolong life, is stupid. It’s not just me who thinks this, God does too.

“For who knows what is good for man while he lives the few days of his vain life, which he passes like a shadow? For who can tell man what will be after him under the sun?”

You don’t know what you’re talking about. Best advice for when you don’t know what you’re talking about is to not talk.

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  1. Not at all my point, Frank.
    My point is dealing with know-it-all advice givers who ruin the fun of eating tasty foods that I like. I merely use food as an example because it’s one I hear about a lot. I could have used headache relief advice, child raising advice, marital advice, and many others.

    Obviously the Bible can help with all this. My point is the know-it-all, patronizing voice used when, in reality, these people, in general, will have similar results as I do. People know too much and have a desire to let you know they know more than you and use inopportune times to make their points.

  2. I understand the tirade against self-righteous advice, but I think you went too far.

    Putting feelings over reason is how sin started, and appetite was involved in the fall. Feelings and appetite are a deadly combination.

    There is definite scientific proof regarding the ill effects of refined and over-manufactured food. Many of these foods are specifically designed by money-hungry corporations to appeal to corrupt appetites, to cause addictive responses, and they do lead to a break-down of the body. You don’t need to get your information from “health-nuts”, the facts are there from the scientific and medical community. Look at the facts about the rise of diabetes and obesity in America, as a small example.

    Most Christians recognize that breaking the divine laws leads to spiritual death. But the same God made the laws of nature and the body. Breaking the laws of health will therefore certainly lead to physical and mental troubles. Diseases of the mind and body will most definitely affect our ability to serve the Lord, and if they are brought on by our habits, then I don’t see how that can be called “loving the Lord with all the heart, soul, and strength”.

    It’s not what goes in the mouth that defiles the man, but what comes from the heart. This does not mean that what I eat has nothing to do with righteousness! But it means that the sin originates in the lustful appetite for things that will harm me. When I have a choice between eating what will strengthen my body temple, and build it up for better service to the Lord…or eating that which will make me weaker, and not supply the body with proper nutrition, what should I as a Christian do? “Not my will, but Thine be done.” Every thing that unnecessarily weakens the body will make us weaker to resist temptation.

    Personal likes and dislikes can be changed…these are not the principles of righteousness by which we live.

    I think you should write another book, and call it the “gospel-filled stomach.”

  3. I hear ya.

    My example is like this: My wife mentioned to another lady that since she’s been doing this resort cleaning this summer her shoulder has hurt, but as the summer has gone on, the pain has gone away as she’s gotten used to the work.

    The lady’s response was, “Oh, that’s from sugar.”

    What? My wife does not eat much sugar and her level of sugar from beginning of the summer to the end is pretty level. It’s from getting used to work. “Nope, it’s sugar.”

    IT’s that sort of stuff I’m talking about. People make the mention of a problem a time to lecture rather than a time to care. Everyone has advice, I think a lot of it is given to act like you care without having to do anything for the one with the problem.

    I’ll keep your book idea in mind!

  4. Jeff,

    I also understand the example with your wife. I constantly have to fend off well-meaning Christians and non-Christians who think that the latest health fad will heal all manner of illnesses, and are ready to press that on you as the likely cause for whatever is troubling you. I’ve had direct experience with that. The very fact that they are not exalting faith and obedience to Christ as the source of all health and healing makes their prescription dubious. Jesus must be at the center, and that is the difference between Bible health and the other kinds.

    I struggled with an allergic reaction for 10 years (migraine headaches regularly) before finding out that it was corn. It was one Christian doctor, and another book by a Christian doctor that finally helped me discover the problem. But there are literally hundreds of other books out there claiming tons of other things as the cause of allergies: everything from your dental fillings, to heavy metals in your food, to not enough of this or that micro-nutrient. I could have spent a fortune (just like the woman with the issue of blood who spent her whole fortune before coming to Jesus) trying every one of these remedies!

    Now, when I have a strange ailment, I pray about it and hand it over to the great Problem-Solver. Then I move very carefully, trying to keep an open mind to what He wants to show me as the solution. It is experimental religion, and experiments take time and careful observation. Not every disease will be miraculously healed, and we will all die in the end, as you pointed out. But it is the process of co-working with God that is more important, in the end.

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