Preventive Prayer

“Preventive Care” is a health term referring to stuff you do to prevent getting sick or injured. Rather than treating a disease, it treats the potential of getting a disease in order to prevent getting it.


Perhaps we should also invest in Preventive Prayer. Most people’s prayer lives pick up steam after problems occur. “Oh no! My leg fell off! Help me Jesus!”

If your leg falls off, this is indeed a fine time to pray. However, even if your legs are still attached, it’s a fine time to pray. However, I’m not referring to prayer to avoid disease or injury.

Preventive Prayer goes like this: Deliver me from evil, lead me not into temptation, help me to say what needs saying, help me to love when a need arises out of nowhere, help me be patient when I’m pushed, etc.

Preparing ourselves beforehand may be all that’s needed to avoid huge disasters. Life going well right now? Pray for the times when it isn’t, because that time is approaching.

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