Learning About Jesus Is Not Fun

When I was a child my mother sometimes made brussels sprouts for supper. I thought brussels sprouts were perhaps the most disgusting thing ever eaten by man. There is no redeeming value there. None. At all. Gross.

While dreading my plate of brussels sprouts, my father would say to me, “Just eat them, they taste like candy.”

“Seriously? Candy, dad? Have you ever tasted candy? I know candy dad, and these are no candy.” Of course, I never said this, that would be dumb, but I did think it.

I love my father and he was a great man, but this was perhaps one of the dumbest lines of reasoning I’ve ever heard in my life.

It reminds me of the modern approach churches take to convince people to come to them. “Learning about Jesus is fun! It’s just like going to an amusement park, only more Bible-y.”

Now churches certainly have added more amusements, but the degree of amusement is proportional to the degree to which they are not teaching. If you try to convince me otherwise on this statement, I will merely remind you that brussels sprouts do not taste like candy.

Learning, by its inherent nature–we learn by making mistakes, by studying, by practicing, by discipline–is not fun. It can be fun at times and it can have fun results, but the process is akin to torture at times.

When we convince people that “learning about Jesus is fun!” We are setting them up for failure. Anytime it isn’t fun, well, there goes the desire to learn more.

So, allow me to be the first to have told you in a long time: “Learning about Jesus is not fun.” Quite frankly, it will ruin your life. Ah, but then the fun comes!

3 thoughts on “Learning About Jesus Is Not Fun”

  1. “Here comes that preacher with his brussels sprouts religion! Everybody grab your candy, run and hide!”

    When you have tasted the bitterness and bondage of sin, the shallowness of the pleasures of this world, then the freedom offered by Christ becomes immensely more appealing.

    There is the original lie of Satan…that God’s way is a hindrance, something against you, something that will take away all your pleasure and development. We are born and raised with that. But every now and then, God breaks through with His light, showing us that it is not so, and that we have totally misunderstood Him and His way.

    There is a freedom and knowledge in Christ that I would not trade for anything else in the world now. I still find myself once in a while being deceived by the “candy”, but I’ve found that God is not all “brussels sprouts” either, as I was led to believe.

  2. When I was a youngin, my father told me cauliflower tasted like popcorn! It did not! He ’bout ruined me on vegetables.

    The church I left after 10 years (almost 2 years ago) has a CEO (calls himself “senior pastor” but shepherds nobody) who promoted every event by telling folks how much FUN it would be. A men’s retreat focusing on conviction of sin and the serious nature of walking in the light of Christ – FUN was the only thing he mentioned when telling people about it from pulpit.

    We can certainly have fun – but that ain’t the goal,

  3. “So, allow me to be the first to have told you in a long time: “Learning about Jesus is not fun.” Quite frankly, it will ruin your life. Ah, but then the fun comes!”

    A very good, turn-of-phrase here, and a great post.


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