Agreeing With Atheists

Besides that whole, “there’s no God” thing, atheists can have some good ideas.

Recently some atheists gathered to do a unbaptizing ceremony. They do not like that they were baptized as kids, so they gathered together and had a mock priest blow dry their hair to “symbolically dry up the holy water sprinkled on their heads in days past.”

I get this one. Infant baptism is not biblical, it is entirely an invention of human tradition, and has led many people to hell who thought they were “good to go” because they got wet as a kid.

I do not agree with atheism on many things, but I agree with them on this one. I doubt churches need more hot air blowing around in them, but hey, this is one ok usage of hot air.


One thought on “Agreeing With Atheists”

  1. Various groups, who could be considered atheists, or at least non-orthodox, have been used by God in history to prevent or hold back the misguided zeal of religious bigotry. Examples:

    1. America – would have been a so-called theocracy (with religious persecution) except for people like Roger Williams, Thomas Jefferson, etc.

    2. Islam – put a check on the expansion and persecution of the Jezebel church of the middle ages (Roman Catholicism).

    3. The Roman state – prevented the death of Paul at the hand of Jewish zealots.

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