Results of Abiding

John 15 tells us to abide in Christ and goes on to explain that keeping His commandments is what abiding is. Why would anyone want to do this. Four reasons

1) Those who abide in Christ bring forth lots of fruit–John 15:5
2) Those who abide in Christ get their prayers answered–John 15:7
3) Those who abide in Christ get God’s joy–John 15:11
4) Those who abide in Christ receive assurance of His love–John 15:13,14

Pretty amazing promises! We get all this by abiding in Christ. Abiding in Christ means doing His commandments. Don’t forget this point! Abiding in Christ is not referring to being saved specifically, but to obedience.

Many claim to be saved, to be abiding in Christ, yet complain about why their prayers are not answered, why they don’t have fruit and they lack joy and aren’t sure about God’s love.

If that is the case, look no further than John’s teaching on abiding. Modern Christianity throws a fit when anyone mentions obeying commandments. “Legalism!”

It’s not legalism to do what God said. Doing what God said is called faith! The same Christianity that attacks the notion of obeying the commands of God is the same Christianity that wonders if God answers prayers, spends hours of introspection wondering where the fruit is, and is constantly following one worldly trap after another in a desperate search for joy and love.

The Bible is a large book with a simple message: Listen to God! He loves you. He wants you to be with Him. LISTEN!

One thought on “Results of Abiding”

  1. “It’s not legalism to do what God said. Doing what God said is called faith!”

    I like that point very much Jeff, we need abiding faith!

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