Wanting to go to Heaven

In the Garden of Eden, paradise on earth, mankind lived with God in perfect harmony. The harmony ended when they did not listen to God.

Paradise is when people listen to God.

Heaven is paradise.

Paradise is when people listen to God.

Lots of people want to go to heaven and think they are going there, but few of these people have any interest in listening to God now. Which makes a guy wonder if they really, actually want to end up in heaven, where everyone will listen to God for eternity.

3 thoughts on “Wanting to go to Heaven”

  1. Scripture tells us that Christ will rule the Nations with an Iron Rod, perhaps that’s the only way people will listen. (My wife used a wooden spoon) … on the kids not on me

  2. Paul, what I’ve understood from the “rod of iron” is that God turns the nations against themselves in the last battle, as He did at times in the Old Testament.

    Iron was the substance of Rome in the statue of Daniel 2. Rome was the longest enduring state-power of the ancient world, and probably the most cruel and warlike.

    Therefore, iron is a suitable material to represent the power of nations…physical force, hard, unbending, without mercy. It does not correct people (like the rod and staff in Psalm 23), but kills them.

    In Rev. 17:15-17, it is the nations that supported Babylon who turn on her and destroy her. How Christ accomplishes that turn-around is one of the mysteries revealed in the book of Revelation, which we should search into! (it’s part of “listening to God”, right?)

  3. I m always puzzled by those who profess Christ but have no interest in listening (or talking) to him now. Heaven, among other things, is where God lives. Would you let a stranger in to your house? We can’t expect God to either. “Depart from me…I never knew you!”
    A profession alone means absolutely nothing.

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