Understanding the Gospel

Every man who professes faith in Jesus Christ thinks he knows the Gospel.

“Oh yeah, I got that when I was six.”

It’s as if we’ve intellectually doven (dived?) to the depths of it in our youth, we’ve now moved on to bigger stuff.

The Gospel is a fairly amazing and deep thing. I find it ironic that so many people think they got it when they were 6.

I find it ironic that anyone would ever claim to have a handle on it at any age. This is not to say you can’t understand it on a level at 6 or any other age, you can. But to assume you’ve got the whole thing down? That’s just silly.

Angels are awesome creatures. They are not tainted with sin. If we saw one in its full glory we’d be scared out of our minds. Angels constantly wonder about the Gospel. They long to look into it more. (The same passage also says the prophets wondered constantly about it.)

Angels have no sin and they have nothing but diligent wonder and searching to find out more of the Gospel. Which seems pretty weird since so many six-year old humans got the whole thing.

4 thoughts on “Understanding the Gospel”

  1. Well, I don’t get all of it.

    But I get the part about how I don’t have to get all of it in order to be saved.

    And I really, really, really like that part.

  2. God expects a lot more from us then we expect of ourselves. There is a corrupt human tendency to want to get everything at the cheapest price, and it finds it’s way into religion through the desire to gain heaven with as little sacrifice and effort as possible.

    That this awful self-security affects the majority of religious folk is shown by the first advent of Jesus. God expected the people to be so diligent in studying the gospel and prophecies and looking forward to His appearing, that they would receive Him when He came. But how many were ready then? Almost none.

    Therefore, there is no measuring line, whereby a person can say, “here is how much I need to know to be saved.” It is the attitude of the angels that commends their example to us: they put concentrated effort into searching into the mysteries of the gospel. Our only safety is to follow their example.

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